Sunday, October 3, 2010

There is absolutely no way to explain in a few words about the estate sale that I am working on........It is massive! I think that you will all be amazed......that is the only word for it......really......amazingly amazing.!! It doesn't matter if you collect vintage pottery or antique horse will be able to find it at this sale. Along with more glassware than you see in most antique that will make your eyes water.......and everything in between! I love going to this house and working on this estate! How lucky is that? A beautiful home to work in.......perfect setting.....and the loveliest antiques that I have ever seen. Talk about having the wants.....How could I not want everything there? Including the house!! I can hardly wait to share it all with you.......please save the date when I can finally set it!!! Until then......just know that it is everything and more than I have told you!

Between now and the estate sale (which will probably at least start in November) I am having the WildHareAntique Sale and FleaMarket. October 23rd and the paper and tv for the ads....And watch for new posters up in lots of places. My son-in-law, the working on a new one for me as we speak. I can hardly wait to see it myself...Save the Date cards will be available at most of the Antique Stores around town and if I can sit still for a bit I may even have a contest (at those same antique stores) to win some Gift Certificates for the flea be spent at any of the vendors there!!! I actually haven't talked to the antique store owners yet! I am fairly certain that they will like the idea though.......Any of you dealers out there with an opinion?!!!

I would also like to take a short (in days) trip to California. Lots of my family will be at Disneyland the week after the WHFM and I would love to fly out to spend a bit of time with them.....sounds like a perfect time to go to Disneyland too.......last time was in the middle of the summer and it was crowded, but fun......Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can make all of that work!!!

Well my feet are killing me.....I have been on them for hours and hours the last couple of weeks......and I am too tired to think......... be continued........

P.S. I still have the garage and shop full of stuff.......anyone interested in some furniture? I think that I am taking the smaller items to auction.......Furniture includes, but not limited to: A darling twin bedroom old wooden file cabinet.....shabby chic dresser.....lamps....and more....maybe I will have a sale in a week or so. Maybe not though.........I'll keep you all posted!!!

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