Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wow.......can't remember the last time I got to just sit......I am looking forward to it though, I know that! Don't get me wrong.....I am filled with gratitude that I have a busy and happy's just that all work and no play does make Linda a dull girl!

Working on my second estate sale of the month.....Contracts in the mail today for the WildHare Antique Sale and FleaMarket coming up October 23rd and 24th.....I sure hope that isn't the Sunday that the Extreme Makeover Home Edition airs......Anyway, be sure to let me know if you wanted a contract and didn't get one. Making plans for our second Art and Gift Show and Sale in November.....thinking of a new name...last year we called it WildHare and the Crafty Girls....which I did think was cute......maybe the WildHare Art Affair?! Any suggestions? Also looking for a new venue......any suggestions for that too?

I am also looking at a whole garage full of furniture waiting to be either refinished or painted. How did that happen again? I thought for sure that this winter (this is the fourth winter that I have said this) we would be able to once again park our cars in the garage. I wonder how many times I have overheard this conversation between my husband and whomever will listen, "I sure hope that this winter I can park our $40,000 worth of vehicles in the garage and put the $200 worth of stuff that is in there somewhere else!" I guess that he thinks that I haven't noticed the walk way closing in on us again!!! Maybe this coming week I will work on that......anyone want to help????

I have heard from several of you commenting on the Coconut Cupcakes.....glad that they were a hit in your homes. I didn't make them even though I was hungry for them after talking about them so much. I did make a huge batch of the world's best caramel corn and I think other than one bag that I gave to a gal at Office Max for saving me some great boxes, I ate the rest of it.......YUMMMMMY.......Best seller of all time at bake sales. (I did have some of my friend Barbie's though and it was pretty darn good and lots prettier than mine.....)

Time to call it a night.......really......I am going to spend a few minutes just sitting after all is a new moon and so it seems a good way to bring in the new month.......

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