Sunday, October 17, 2010

OK.....I will admit it. I am a "Trophy Hunter!!!" When I find a piece of used furniture at a sale.....or in the dumpster......or any of the other places that I haunt.....and whether it is an antique or something more recent, my heart skips a beat. Then my mind races through the repertoire of ideas for repurposing, rejuvenating, recreating, renewing or reinventing and refashioning, then redoing it only to rediscover what a piece has the potential to be. The thrill of the hunt is really an amazing feeling. Then the feeling that comes when the piece turns into something that I can't believe that I lived for so long without.......well......there is nothing quite like it!

Now you too can experience "The Trophy Hunt!" At the WildHare Antique Sale and FleaMarket......Saturday, October 23rd 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Sunday, October 24th 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello. Many of your favorite local antique dealers will be there, including, but not limited to (of course because I don't know who your personal favorites are) Her Alibi Antique Store, PK Enterprises, Angels and Old Lace, Haf and Haf Antiques, and many more. If I start really naming names I am sure to leave someone out and I don't want to do that!!! I can assure you will have lots of potential trophies to sort through. As most of you know....we don't just have antiques there....You can find anything collectible.....vintage lace to vintage equipment....all of the ephemera you can think of.....and much, much more. You will just have to come and feast your eyes and go on the hunt! Don't can also buy new products there....bags to to candles....

You will also be able to have lunch there......provided by a Rodeo Queen fundraiser from firth. Treats and beverages also available.

If you have questions or want more details....please call me.......251.4984! See you there........By the way......there is a $1 admission with kids under 12 free with an adult......


  1. Is this the place to leave a comment to win admission and a $20 voucher? I hope so, because if it is, I'm winning, I'm winning! Ha! I'm pumped.

  2. Also, I like your music. And, I like you too. That is all.