Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where does the time go?!

Today is Thursday?!

Holy Smoley.......where did the week go? We have had Ben and Ryley here for about a week and a half so there goes some of it....I have worked a day at Curves and when it hasn't been raining I have been doing my gardening job......rototilling flower and tomato gardens......spreading manure and fertilizer......listening to the birds chirp......getting grass stained jeans from spending so much time on my knees.....have I remembered to pray while I am down there......if I haven't, shame on me! Of course, all of the normal household activities like laundry, meals and cleaning never end....Also trying to get the WildHare Summer Festival off the ground. Even city politics make me crazy! There is always a hoop to jump through to make things happen......more on that later when I can divulge the "stuff" ( I probably wouldn't call it "stuff" if we were talking in person!) that has been going on......Onward and upward's all good and I am happy to have a full and fulfilling life.

Last night I was able to spend dinner time with some of my best friends in the church.......took a flashlight walk with the kiddies.....stayed up too late and then I got up too early this AM.......spent an hour googling tomato cages......awesome........I should have gone exercising, but Ryley came out to my office in a sleepy stupor this morning and asked me to not leave him alone out office......I should call it my retreat, and we do call it the TreeHouse is actually outside.....across a bridge connected to the deck. I love it out here and so does he, but he doesn't like to be out here in the dark which it was when he shuffled on over! So, here I still sit at my computer after about 3 hours of accomplishing little.....I am ready to head to Home Depot (The $100.00 store) and buy PVC for the tomato cages though and they will be worthy of attention and maybe even worthy of being copied!

Add to that painting a wooden wedding cake that we made to serve cupcakes off of at wedding receptions......this bride's mom would like for it to be painted a champagne metalic was white with pink fleur de lis for the last one........and next week we will go to the Performing Arts Center and somehow (bride's mom says she has it figured out) hang about 300 tissue pompoms (that we made) from the ceiling with fishing line.....should be beautiful.......WOW.....I can hardly wait to see the finished project......Actually, just the thought of a finished project is music to my ears!!!

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