Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day Off!!! sounds like a day off.......But as usual, Miles to go and promises to keep!

Hopefully today (possibly tomorrow, Friday) we will hear about how the CVB faired in the war with city hall.......they say you can't fight city hall, but we decided to anyway.......keep your fingers crossed!

Today I am going to plant my tomatoes.......provided it warms up past the 36 - 38 degrees that it got down to last night.....I also bought these beautiful petunias that I have to get in a pot. Really, they are the most beautiful flower in the shop. Well, they were in the shop......I think that I bought the last 4 plants in Pocatello and that was only because they are so awesome at Pinehurst Nursery. I will treasure these until the bitter end next fall.

Those of you who know that I go to a Quilt Club every month will be amazed to hear that I actually worked on a project last night! No.......sorry.......not a quilt. A pillow though......with a huge flower in the middle made of individual petals! Like 120 individual petals.......all sewn on one at a time! The tutorial said it could be made it in under 30 took me longer than that to cut out the petals and another 1 and 1/2 hours to sew them on.......Really far. I haven't actually sewn the pillow case together and stuffed it with a pillow! Today though, I!!!

Tomorrow we hang the tissue pom poms in the Stephens Center for Performing Arts......All 300 hundred of them. I can hardly will be beautiful and I promise to post a picture when it is completed. Hopefully I can see it through to completion......I also work at Curves tomorrow afternoon. Good thing....I don't seem to get there unless I am working! Saturday I will be at Cynthia Louise Boutique! I love it there too.........Come see me!!!

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  1. Oh oh oh, I must go up to Stephens and see the pom poms! It sounds so great :)