Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Would You Give The Shirt Off Your Back for the Cure?

FINALLY!!! I have had an inspiration! And.....I think that it is a good one. And so far about 65 men agree with me!!!

As you know....men are fixers.....problem solvers! The problem with this cancer thing is that our men can't fix it...and they feel helpless. I saw it in my own home when we were losing a beautiful and vibrant daughter to cancer. My husband was a wreck wanting to "fix it" and he couldn't find a way. He would have "given the shirt off his back!"

I am asking men to donate the "shirts off their backs" for my fund raiser for the Relay for Life this summer. I am making a quilt out of blocks cut from the shirts and then I will be selling raffle tickets through mid July and will be drawing the winner at Relay for Life at Century High School. This project has really taken on a life of its own and I am blown away by the men who have donated and the stories that they tell of cancer. In their own lives or the lives of someone that they love. Some have cried....some have laughed, but they are all pleased to play a small part in something that will be a profound statement of their love and desire to help find a cure for the dreadful disease.

Thankfully.....I am part of a lovely group of women who are quilters!! The Queen Bees is a group of like-minded women who get together once a month for dinner and sewing....We are also always there for one of our "girls" and emergency meetings are scheduled. So, guess what? An emergency meeting is being scheduled and I am enlisting their help. We will be cutting and sewing and talking and laughing and the quilt will be a piece that anyone would be proud to have in their home.

The list of donators is extensive and I can't begin to list them here for fear of leaving someone out, but trust me when I say that we have great men here in Pocatello and throughout Idaho who have quite literally, "given the shirts off their backs" for us. They will all be listed on the quilt and some of the letters that have been written about their stories will also be included. It is heart warming for me. It will be heart warming for you too......

If you are interested in donating a shirt I will be at the Red Lion in Pocatello for their Mother's Day Brunch on Sunday. Or you can call me....or write me and I will be happy to pick them up. The more the merrier......

Hopefully I will be at several locations throughout the early summer selling the tickets. Farmer's Market.....Art Walk on First Fridays of June and July.....L and K Carpeting....and anywhere else that I can land a spot. Let me know if you have any good ideas of where to sell.....

My mind is reeling and I am thinking that this quilt idea would be good for almost any fund raiser.....hmmmmmmm......maybe I will go global....anyone know Oprah or Ellen?

Have a great day and remember.....give the shirt off your back for someone today!

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