Thursday, May 12, 2011

These lovely men gave me the "Shirts Off Their Backs" for the Cure

My quilt project has taken on a life of its own.

Thank goodness....otherwise how could I keep up with it all?

I love these men.......they are good and they are generous.........and they are happy to be able to be a part of this quilt of stories. Stories of desperation........stories of hope........stories of loss.......stories of healing. We won't know all of their stories and I don't think that is important anyway. They know their stories.

But now they know that their stories will be around for a long, long time. Woven into a quilt of patches from the shirts off their backs. I love it....I wish that I could keep it. It will be made with some of my own tears and prayers too. There must be a rule that I can't win it?!! Conflict of interest? It wouldn't look good would it? How about my husband? Can he win it?

Enough of that....these are my new favorite guys:
Mark Dahlquist
Dave Croshaw
Brad Frasure
Todd Payne
Don Aslett
Bill Vickers
Brad Collins
Earl Pixton
Ryan Cameron
Corey Snow
Scott Harris
Dave Stanley
Stacey Rogers
Gary McCurdy
Billy Isley
Matt Romriell
Orrin Hatch
Eldon Payne
Todd Blackinton
Robb Heikens
David Allen
Mayor Steve England
Keith Morrison
Mayor Brian Blad
John Marshall
Gordon Nielson
Jay Hildebrandt
Mike Sanders
Dr. Jeremy Hodge
Governor Butch Otter
Matt Kirby
Kip Wilkins
Randy Bishop
Rick Eskelson
Edgar Malepeai
Greg Smith
Roger Chase
Lawrence Wasden
Gene Crawford
Richard Ashcraft
Larry Orchard
Glenn Marshall
Rick Parker
Raul Cano
Alec Cano
Matt Gittens
Noah Marshall-Spreier
Dick Conroy
Jim Nelson
Steve Cunningham
Fred Davies
Dr. Peter Fediay
Jim Rasa
Jerry Hodge
Mike Atha
Larry Nelson
Gary Miller
Jim Johnston
Matt Davenport
Paul Meske
Jeff Gibbons
Jeff Hampsten
Walter Kirchner
Ernie Naftzger
Jim Trent
Ken Bernt
Linda Enloe
Gene Westwood
Richard Albright
Phil Lamprecht
Kirk Kirkham
Steven Adams
Ryan Skillings
Ron Lewis
Randy Sarjeant
Tony Baum (gave his favorite shirt)
Bob Bloxham
Arthur Vailas
Scott Cornelison
Bob Cornelison
Paul Smith
Randy Dixon
Bud Cornelison
Ben Call
and two anonymous
Whew.......that's a lot of shirts............Some gave three or four!!!!

This might be a big quilt!!!!

I hope that you win it!! Someone has might as well be you!!!

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  1. Beautiful Linda! I LOVE this list! What an incredible gift you have given!