Friday, February 25, 2011

To Live A Creative Life, we must Lose Our Fear of Being Wrong!!!

In February I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days in San Diego. (I wish that I was there now and out of this snow....I have been freezing for weeks now.) It was my granddaughter's first birthday so I had fun times with my kids and my kid's kids! There is really nothing to compare with how good it feels to be with grandkids......they are so smart...funny....and kind! It was even fun to see my ex-husband and his wife who by the way is a way better choice for him than I was!!!! Anyway...I digress........

I happen to think that I have great kids and they have great spouses. Each unique.....and there is so much I admire in each of them. Today I am going to focus on my son-in-law who is a sweet and gentle southern man/boy......He is also very talented. He makes me want to be more creative and more ambitious in being creative. I always come home from their house thinking that I can be an artist! Hence the title of my blog, "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong!" Their home is filled with original artwork that he has created. I love every piece and really, I am shameless about telling him that I want everything when he tires of it!!! I was the lucky recipient of a piece of his artwork for Christmas and I love it everyday.....I don't have it hung in the perfect place yet, but I have it hung where I can see it every time I walk into the kitchen....which must be a zillion times a day. (Actually, just knowing where to hang one's art work is a talent in itself.) So while I was there.....he was painting a painting.......the next night he disappeared and was in the garage framing it. They went from having a blank wall one night to having an original painting framed and hanging on the wall the next night. I couldn't believe it. I would seriously still be planning the whole thing.....Of course, besides talent....which he is brimming over with....he has youth on his side!! I might be able to claim a bit of talent, but I will never again be able to claim youth! Well.....with all of that being said: I ordered a stencil this morning and I am going to paint the ceiling in my treehouse/office/studio. That's enough talent for this girl for one day!!! Sure love Jason though and what he can do.......just wait until he sees my ceiling though.

Looking forward to my WildHare Antique Sale and FleaMarket coming up March 19th and 20th. I have lots of new dealers and I am excited to see what they bring!! I usually come home with a truck load of treasures......this spring will undoubtedly be the same for me......Can't wait to see you all there!!!


  1. Linda, I love your blog. I love your positive outlook on life and your ability to focus on all the good wonderful things in this world.
    I hope little Lilly had a wonderful birthday, I remember her at my daughters birthday as they are pretty close.
    Much Love,
    Heidi Lamb

  2. WHERE is the flea market this wkend?