Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WildHare FleaMarket coming in March!!!

Can it really be February 1st? I still have Christmas decorations sitting in boxes on my bedroom floor! I have been busy since then though....I went camping in Death Valley for a few days with my best friend sister Merry. What fun. If you haven't ever been it should be on your bucket list for sure. Then a couple of days in Reno.....then flew back to San Diego where I got to spend two great weeks in the sunshine with my kids. They are the greatest!!

Now...back to work.

Came home to a basement that had been flooded while I was gone. there are bare floors. Walls start being torn down tomorrow. Everything from my store room, family room, sewing room, and laundry room is in boxes. Stacked to the ceiling in my living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Lovely.......

It is also almost time for the WildHare FleaMarket! March 17th and 18th.....Back at the Bannock County Fairgrounds. Every space has been filled.....Again....I was thinking about having a space of my own. I have sooooo much stuff that needs a new home, but now half of it is in a box some where! Lots of great dealers though and hopefully some good food. I will post more details as I get them figured out! Just save the date so that you can make sure to be there!

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